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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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That call

Shy, scaredly, doubting correctness of the answer, he murmured I will ask the teacher.The strongwilled mechanism which prepares for decisionmaking one of the major, it should be created and become stronger.Pathological cases show us its importance separately from other strongwilled components, and we understand that it as if a support of the huge arch supporting the personality.That call mania of indecision the frequent stage of development of a progressing psikhopatiya, can precede the obsession which is inevitably pushing the person to immoral acts.However this mania can be observed and as an independent phenomenon.

Tasks where

As the elementary example the ball otbivaniye from a wall or a floor can serve the direct result of action here is that the ball hits about a wall, indirect that it comes back to the child.Tasks where it is necessary to consider indirect result, arise in games with mechanical toys, in designing depends on size of the basis of construction its stability and in many other cases.Younger preschool children solve similar problems by means of external rough actions, i.e.at level of naglyadnodeystvenny thinking.

Children fix results

By means of a measure the quantity is defined objectively, irrespective of vneshny impression.Children fix results of measurement, noting each measured portion any label, for example spreading in a row identical counters.If to them give a task to compare by measurement two subjects among themselves on the set parameter, children spread two numbers of counters so that each counter of the same kind was precisely under the corresponding counter of another.The schematic image of the relation of subjects of the set parameter of size to length, the area, volume, weight turns out.

It avoids

However even on this schedule it is possible to see the periods easy and then difficult work a framework, cylinders, plates, and between them the biggest disorder.Curve of work of very poor child who has been almost thrown by parents, very restless It seems that this child wants to teach others.It avoids work, throws, having hardly undertaken, and does not transfer direct lectures.If somebody tries to teach him to somethin he pulls faces and escapes.It is very mobile, disturbs another, it is almost incorrigible, but watches closely how the teacher teaches other children.

The preschool

As to all wealth of thinner means of expression which people for expression of feelings use, they have a public origin, and the child seizes them by imitation.WILL DEVELOPMENT§ A role of strongwilled actions in behavior of the preschool child Will emergence as managements of behavior.The preschool age is age of emergence of will as conscious management of the behavior, external and internal actions.At the child in the course of education and trainin under the influence of requirements of adults and contemporaries possibility to subordinate the actions to this or that task is formed, to achieve achievements of the objective, overcoming arising difficulties.


The word starts to bear in itself sign function as the peculiar sign acting in certain value and used for storage and transfer to some ideal information that lies outside of verbal designation.TOUCH DEVELOPMENT of the PRESCHOOL CHILD The period of the preschool childhood is the period of intensive touch development of the child improvement of its orientation in external properties and the relations of subjects and the phenomena, in space and time.Perceiving subjects and operating with them, the child starts to estimate more and more precisely their color, a form, size, weight, temperature, properties of a surface, etc.

He is familiar

Experience of each child is limited.He is familiar with rather narrow circle of the actions which are carried out by adults.In game there is an exchange of experience.Children adopt each other available knowledge, address for the help to adults.As a result of game become more interesting and is more diverse.Complication of the content of games conducts, in turn, to complication of real relationship, to increase in number of participants of game, to need of more accurate coordination of their actions.Real relationship of children can arise concerning game when children only agree among themselves, but can proceed in the hidden look and during the game.

By means

Merry fellows, understanding nothin slaves to tips of the hair hidden under wigs, to the fingertips squeezed by fashionable shoes, called pleasure the real suicide.Positive science, having got into morals area, gave us still something valuable.By means of sociology, statistics, it threw light on an immorality and crime problem, specified their reasons.The criminal anthropology opened low type, because of a genetic ushcherbnost the child is subject to infection with all moral infections.

Another, internal, speaks

This person still far, draws attention because thinktanks are already raised by its expectation.So, the pricked up the ears hunter hears the smallest noise published by a game in the wood.So, two forces affect a cell of a brain, as on the locked door.One, external touch force, knocks at the door.Another, internal, speaks I will open.If internal force does not open, external incentive it will be vain to be knocked at doors.And the brightest incentive can pass the unnoticed.The absentminded person is capable to step in a hole.The person concentrated to work, does not hear the music playing on the street.

It can make

Language of movements of his body tells about those feelings which are endured by the child.When the kid quails or is afraid, he can knit eyebrows or frown, stick out lips, expand eyes.It can make a start from you or strain the body.If the child started missin it can show it a tired look, lack of shine in eyes, a somnolence or slackness.If the kid is afflicted or upset with somethin it can AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED to wrinkle a nose, to lower eyebrows, to stick out or purse lips to emphasize the discontent.

But as usual

Look at children shipped in the occupations, sluggish because of konstitutsionalny immaturity babies on the while short legs so slowly hobble, and you will feel, as in them life, as if in a cocoon a butterfly ripens.To prevent them means to commit a crime against life.But as usual arrive with children Constantly tear off from occupations, for no reason at all, without respect as owners lift slaves deprived of civil rights on plantations.To respect the child on an equal basis with the adult this idea seems ridiculous to much of us.But as we furiously shout sometimes to kids Do not interrupt me! Do not disturb me! If the child is occupied with somethin for example eats, the adult indispensable nearby, feeds from a spoon.

If to speak

Certainly, desire to know secret languages, codes and codes cart ~ at the child of preteenage age far it is not casual it ~minuet itself emergence in the young identity of new requirements and new cart ~mozhnosty their satisfactions.If to speak about new possibilities, they first of all are connected withprogressive reorganization of children's intelligence which occurs inage about seven years.It is one of natural microrevolutions in SI ~ the children's logic, described by the wellknown Swiss psychologistJean Piaget .The thinking of the child becomes capable to make but ~vy types of logic operations.

On Arkin's materials. Whims

Then told

In one kindergarten I visited the object lesson devoted by coffee.Coffee showed and described size, color, form, taste, smell, temperature.Then told about coffee plantations, how it bring to Europe across the ocean.In summary lit a small tile, boiled water, ground coffee, prepared drink.What as a result The consciousness of the child is disseminated through infinite open spaces, and the subject is not settled.After all it was possible to talk about exciting force of coffee, about caffeine and still god knows about what.This lesson blurs, as an oil spot, to a total disappearance, it cannot though somehow be used.


It creates preconditions for further intellectual development, which occurs in connection with mastering by subject activity and later elementary forms of game and drawing and speech.The basis of intellectual development in the early childhood is made by new types which were formed at the child of actions of perception and cogitative actions.Development of perception and formation of ideas of properties of subjects.Though already in infancy the child in connection with a hvataniye and a manipulation seizes visual actions which give the chance to it to define some properties of subjects and to regulate practical behavior, the perception at the beginning of the early childhood is the still extremely imperfect.

But children

But children left in the yard and are going to walk here, time them ~ on walk and it means that they should accept it as a reality,to agree with that a yard their, and concrete hills are that what they are.Let's try understand, why acceptance of the natural is inevitable ~ to such situation to children it is given more simply, than the adult What stands up for ~ the city child on walk doesstvenny to children surprising adaptability, from which absenceso often adults sufferChildren are almost constantly compelled to find in ordinary life ~ and to find to itself occupation in the situations which have been set by seniors.

Need for a bed will

If the berth by the time of the birth is not ready, the child can have a sleep for some time in a carriage or even in a special children's basket.Need for a bed will not arise until while the kid will not start to sit down.At a place choice for a cot remember that it should not be near a window or in the parts of a room subject to drafts.It is not necessary to have a bed near heating devices, under regiments or any other subjects hanging on a wall.PREVENTION Be attentive, buying the subjects which were in the use of care of the kid.Some things can not correspond to modern standards of safety.With a view of maintenance of health of your kid it is necessary to reflect on a ratio of the price and quality of things bought for the child.

That told to B. Kto. B. That

And about

Write down the story of the kid under his dictation, and it is possible – still and on the tape recorder.And about itself too it is possible to write and that you love – you do not love, where you live and than you are engaged Friday – mold it from plasticine draw, swear from natural material, talk about elephants and people as they help each other.About the countries where they live together.Saturday – generalization and repetition passable.And a campaign in zoo.Sunday – the fairy tale about an elephant and an elephant calf – compose together with child And in passing think out, and that you will take the following for researches and acquaintances CRIBS FOR PARENTS Arina came to kitchen.


Also set, ask questions let help, explain, edify.Usually teenagers do not maintain it and join.Each family suits council in own way.But here some general rules recommendations from experience of those who it does and at whom it turns out Participate all young and old.Council can pass in house structure small council and in expanded when grandmothers grandfathers, the uncles aunts living separately come.Where Anywhere, if only it was convenient to all.Behind a cup of tea, in the wood on a glade exit council, on padded stools, on a floor, etc.

Soon all children

He would like to understand, how children learn thatthe real district in which they live.It became a subject of its dissertation.Hart R.Children’s Exprience of Place A Developmental Study.N.Y.Irvington Press, Fig.Children's freedom of spatial movings always ~it is howled and supervised by adultsPhoto A.Kitayevglava As object of research he chose small Americanthe small town, which children's population were made by people, and lodged therefor the whole year.Soon all children of this small town became his friends and one ~temporary examinees of the young graduate student.He participated in their games andwalks, talked to their parents, finding out, where children release,and where is not present, where and than children are engaged, as the area of the territory depends,mastered by the child, from his age and a floor.

There are pupils

The sentence is pronounced to them nasty children.Ask, in what this consists is nasty.Answer almost always one He never sits quietly or it exhausts schoolmates.In characteristics of violators collisions with schoolmates are almost always mentioned.Children all means try to breaktranquillity of companions and to carry away them for itself.There are pupils in whom braking processes prevail, they are extremely shy and cannot at all decide to answer a question.If the teacher insists, they all answer, but a low voice, with tears.The training necessary for all three types without an exception free activity.

But it is possible

It possesses all means for development of the talents.To it read books which set it thinking on serious problems.He likes to read, it ripened for more serious education.Education of the child went in parallel with his education.The reader will regret that madam Montessori did not describe in detail in the book the educational receptions.But it is possible to guess, they are also connected with creating an enabling environment for decency blossoming.After JeanJacques Rousseau madam Montessori argues that the person is good by the nature.The evil comes from the outside.Here aggressive child.

The whole

The whole crowds of the peasants ruined by malarial anemia, could protect themselves a simple mosquito net.However after such dizzy success it would be desirable to reproach some wise scientists.Why you did not open it earlier Unless you did not know about life cycle of protozoa Unless did not repeat, what the blood system is closed, impenetrable for microorganisms Unless it was not natural to assume, what only bloodsicking insects can transfer an infection How many scientists felt that the glory passed absolutely nearby, close, and they stood, without having stirred, grieved as travelers near Emmaus, repeating each other and the Teacher already disappeared, not recognized Whether our heart when He spoke to us on the road and when explained to us the Writing burned in us As it is heavy to think We worked so much to hammer stuff minds, and it was necessary to become only humble and independent.

To children

Than it can damage to the girl I asked.She, of course, will learn music, but will cease to exercise the imagination the lady answered.I do not know what to choose.Frebel's some games are based on similar belief.To children give small , speaking This is a horse.Then put nearby other small brusochka and speak It is a stable.Let's take away a horse on a stable.Then brusochka have differently It is a tower, it is church … In such exercises subjects brusochka give to imagination even less, than a stick during game in a horse.

Such is bylpoyezdka

Other person keeps boyish methods of inspection about ~stranstvo, but brings under them solid theoretical base.Such is bylpoyezdka without adults new possibilitiesone Danish businessman who has arrived to Russia for building of objectsinfrastructures highway, bridges, airfields, etc.His darling time ~trips on city a transtime ~ were forwarding in a leisure hoursthose.He was proud that visited absolutely all stations of the Petersburgthe subway and for few years passed from a ring to a ring on the main routesland public transport.Thus it conducted not so much ~sionalny interest, how many curiosity, pleasure from process ~ and conviction that only the person whom everything saw not according to the card andeverywhere passed not in own car, and together with ordinary citizens ~passengers, can consider that knows the city where lodged.

It is the second

Numbers mad , , etc.When will come to put or read time in a column, the child will be surprised with ease from which will manage to seize these operations.Pifagor's tableMultiplication table Material a white square board with hundred cells x It is possible to put beads in everyone.From above over each column of cells numbers from to are written.At the left there is an opening where it is possible to insert one of small cards with red figure, from to it is necessary to prepare Such cards.It is the second factor, it can be changed.In the left top corner there is an opening where the red zhetonchik lies, but it is a minor detail.

What picture

Youth follows an old age.The degenerating type dies only, its sort dies away, few remained descendants a look agony.The in agony type living among healthy, is weak, he is tormented by nonsense, spasms, excessive excitement, egoism, it aspire to jostle in a grave for the live in a madhouse or in prison.What picture and what example for people! The mistake of one person can become deadly to a family, being transferred, as the bible damnation, to all descendants and leading all to death.Awfully that over the head of the innocent child the damnation hangs.

As a result

Having classification of properties, he recognizes them everywhere and can define type, an origin, object communications data deeper, than direct knowledge of a subject.Our children as experts as scientists, learn in the outside world of a thing on their signs and classify.As a result they are interested in everything on light, everything has for them the value.Uneducated children are blind and deaf to the world, so ignorant person passes by a masterpiece of paintin music, without having learned, without having estimated it.

For example

This subject the adult in with ~otvetstviya with the pedagogical purposes can develop and makeuseful and interesting to the child of any age.Than children is more senior it is possible to teach to realize social structure about ~stranstvo.For example Guess, why in the place bus for disabled peopleare about a forward door, instead of at back.For the answer the child shouldwill remember that at a forward door of the bus in other countries on ~to another old men, disabled people, women with children more usually enterweak and sluggish, than healthy adult people who enter inaverage and back doors.

Much bigger

Developing habits, traits of character, interests and intellectual qualities depend on position of the child in system of the public relations.Similarity in mental development of uniovular twins is promoted also by equality of their physical forces and possibilities.Much bigger influence, than hereditary features, on distinctions in mental development of children, formation of their abilities render distinctions of living conditions, education and training.About it convincingly tell results of the research which were also carried out with odnoyatsovy twins, i.e.children having identical heredity.Five pairs such twins at the age from five and a half till six years were selected.

The explanatory

Often even insignificant misunderstanding results in mutual displeasure telling and the listener, to the conflicts and misunderstanding.Explanatory speech demands a certain sequence of a statement, allocation and the indication of the main communications and the relations in a situation which the interlocutor should understand.The explanatory type of coherent speech has essential value both for formation of collective relationship of children, and for their intellectual development.This type of speech at preschool age only starts to develop, therefore it is very difficult to child to listen till the end of an explanation of the adult.

To me dreamed, no, came

I know it.And still in a different way I am able to consider.When you told four and two, I did not think and did not know.To me dreamed, no, came in dream four and two and at once six.At once four, and in a storonochka two and all at once six.Here you see, what I hitrenkiya! From V.S.Mukhina's diary.In this example the child in one cases uses action with a numerical row, in other with images.But assimilation of initial mathematical knowledge with a support for the images creates considerable difficulties further when children pass to systematic studying of mathematics at school.

I passed

The way home was remote, but Iwent usually on foot later to reach at home was to many people, there is no placeto get to, and it would not be desirable to come back there.Then at me also appeared strange at ~the vychka on the road to do a hook and to come on the station.I passed inside, on a feather ~not in any cold bought icecream and ate it there, looking at trains and hurrying ~shchy people, and then went home.Unclear, why I did it, but so ~elk till spring.The thought sometimes flashed as though all were surprised, if sawme here.

Now doctors

It is connected with that under the influence of an ultraviolet vitamin D is developed.Now doctors recommend to protect the child from influence of ultraviolet beams as they can lead to emergence of a burn of gentle skin of the child.Do not worry that the child will not receive demanded amount of vitamin D.A large amount of vitamin D contains in chest milk, and many children's nutritious mixes are enriched with this vitamin.Try not to leave the child under the influence of direct sunshine.Now there is a big variety of sunprotection creams and lotions.If to the child there were no months, it is not necessary to apply protective equipment to skin.

So, to the senior

Formation of temporary representations begins later and has the specifics.So, children learn to define small intervals of time proceeding and the activity, from this, that during this time can manage to make, what result to receive.So, to the senior preschool children told that will check, how they will learn to define time, and suggested to draw, having reported, it is necessary what to draw exactly three minutes.Work was begun and ended on a signal of the tutor.After that to children offered again on a signal to start to draw on a clean sheet of paper former drawings selected, but to terminate, when, in their opinion, will pass three minutes.

If before

However and in a case when the demanded subject is in sight of the child, his attention easily distracts direct perception of subjects brighter, closer, newer.If before the child lie a small fish, the cockerel and a cup and the adult several times repeats Give a small fish! that is visible that the look of the kid starts to slide in subjects, to stop on a small fish, his hand reaches for the called subject.But very often it happens so that the look comes back to a subject which was more interesting to the child, and instead of a small fish it gives, for example, a cockerel.After one and a half years submission of actions of the child to verbal instructions of the adult becomes stronger, but can still be broken in case between the instruction and execution the delay in time or if the instruction enters is enteredin a contradiction with the habitual, fixed action.

The fear essentially

If the child though was frightened of times in the dark, then darkness in itself will frighten it.Frequent experiences of fear influence the general physical and mental health of the child therefore adults should bring up and support feeling of freedom and fearlessness in the child.The fear essentially differs from these forms of fear for others when nothing threatens the child, but he endures fear about those whom loves.The such fear is a special form of sympathy, and its emergence in the child testifies to developing ability to empathy.

Order the real

If it does not change itselfhimself according to the new world, which also created, risks to be overturned, crushed an era.Speed of reactions of our children not unique external proof of their mind.Speed is connected not only with exercise, but also with the order which has arisen inside.Internal selforganizing is especially significant for intellectual education.Order the real way to speed of reactions.To chaotic reason to learn feeling as it is difficult, as well as to develop judgment.In everythin even in the social device, there is the order which allows to act quickly.To be able to distinguish here quality of intelligence.

The pupil

Besides, in our alphabet there are punctuation marks.The pupil can spread offers from parts of speech on a sample, without passing punctuation marks.We prepare examples of offers from classical works and we break them into series– punctuation marks at homogeneous parts for a start only commas;– punctuation marks at the address and parenthesises most common;– punctuation marks in compound sentences for a start only commas;– punctuation marks on the offer end.Classification In all above described exercises children mastered the richest dictionary material all parts of speech, their value, the use.

Both psinka

And, as small leaves, the children everywhere are turned.Autumn.And the children's roar rushes into this autumn balance.Powerful, the shrill.Both psinka – Grinevsky and Ale – made racks and is amicable twirled tails whom to console Timoshka, neighbor.Timoshka cries out.Generally he is a boy appeasable, and with mother to it it was lucky.Quiet such, counterbalanced, does not pull in vain, not drags, with children's affairs without need does not interfere.Good mother … Neprikazlivaya as my granddaughter of three and a half years spoke.

So here. Agree


So, a way chosen by our pupils on a way of natural development meditationlong concentration on each subject cannot be anything other only the meditation bringing to an internal maturity.The purpose of children who are diligent engaged with different materials, not in learning.They are held by requirement of the internal life developing and in this way.Our children so grow.The similar behavior orders, enriches their mind.Meditatin they enter on an infinite way of progress.After meditative exercises with subjects our pupils find ability to appreciate silence, become extremely sensitive to external impressions and consequently try to move silently, politely to behave.

It is possible

It is possible to call the first of them kompensatorno~razvivayushchy.Often ~ that for various reasons the child is afraid to do that is necessary for it foracquisitions of life experience and abilities, though his contemporaries already activelymake similar actions swarm up trees, go for a drive standing with flying ~ny hills, survey terrible places, independently go in ~number transport, etc.In this case it is important, that the adult noticed and ~ psychological problems of the child, and then in a tactful form, ~tatelno and imperceptibly created training situation and helped the child to masterto what he could not learn independently or in the company of contemporaries.

For the child

As to own speech of the child, it during this period accompanies action and expresses its results, but yet does not plan and does not regulate action.The child can designate words the action purpose to draw the uncle to construct a lodge to play the doctor, however it never defines verbally as will carry out the planned action.For the child of middle preschool age speech instructions of adults gain steadier value.Having received the instruction and having understood it, the child carries out at once action correctly for example when it is necessary, presses when it is not necessary, does not press a button, without needing the separate instruction for each movement.


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